I was reading an article about how we can already get some of the major security features in Windows 11, right now in Windows 10:

It is a great article — but there are some things which will NOT work for you, some which will work great, and some I would not recommend. Also, it is not that easy to setup all those settings in the BIOS. So, I decided to write an article about my experience.

  • Looks like for most Intel CPUs released in the past 4–5 years the TPM is within the CPU and it is usually…

This is a real problem for a lot of people right now. You live in a house or a very large apartment. You are just not into running cables within your walls to get a strong network connection to WFH. Your Wifi Router is not able to handle the current load. What do you do?

I have this problem right now, because we got a “moving” work desk and it has to be placed in a room where it is not possible to run a cable in that specific wall even if we want to. …

For those who have been following my journey optimizing my wired and wireless networks at home, you would think that everything is running very well now. Well, the truth of the matter is that when most of the network runs very well most of the time, the slow parts can really drag you down when they happen.

What we are told is that if any Sonos speaker is connected to a wired connection, that will make the overall Sonos experience better because all the speakers can work together somewhat in a mesh like mode creating a wifi connection between each…

I have been using TFS for more than ten years now. We use a server at office and it was slowly upgraded over time from TFS to the Azure DevOps Server. It now has the 2020 version with the latest patches. For reference, I am using it with Windows Server 2019 & SQL Server 2019 (both the OS and the server having been upgraded over time).

The initial reason to set this up was that even if we use GitHub for storing the code, we still needed something to write our test cases on. …

Windows is the biggest tragedy which ever happened to the software industry. There was a time when Microsoft moved in a fast and nimble manner to release operating systems which changed the world. This is not very different from what they did with Internet Explorer. I don’t know why they need competition to pull up their socks and do anything at all — it’s like they do nothing if they don’t have competition.

The best OS ever made by Microsoft was Windows XP. Everything which came afterwards is total crap. …

Today I finally figured out how to create a VPN server on my Unifi UDM-Pro thanks to this great article:

Note that the UI has changed a little since this article was written; but not by a lot. Everything else I can find online is completely useless or unusable.

The few differences between the latest UI and the guide are mentioned here for me & everyone else to remember:

I have always meant to write this article, because many, many times in my day to day work, I encounter completely asinine behaviors in Microsoft products which make me wonder, how come they don’t know basic user interface design, and why has everyone else given up on building a good OS competitor for PCs?

Because there is no competition, the state of PC OS is the same as the state of Mobile OS was before the iPhone.

Why can’t someone, anyone build a PC OS which we can easily install on any x86 hardware? This is so frustrating. PCs have…

I know that a lot of people have read my articles about MQA, Qobuz, Tidal and streaming in general. You already know that in my opinion, music of any sort sounds worse played back directly from a Mac/ PC, even with a USB DAC in between.

I’ve now had quite a bit of time to listen to both Qobuz & Tidal in detail. In the meantime, I have also listened to an SACD, Blu Ray Audio & DVD Audio. I also went to the trouble of listening to DSD music played back from the Onkyo High-Res player in iOS.


Sometimes when you are in the right place at the right time, you get the opportunity to design your home from scratch. I got this opportunity many years ago because the only home available was a yet to be built home.

We did many things right. We gave them the floor plan of a house we liked, and asked them to combine it with their style of interior to build a modern, very reasonably priced home which was highly customized:


“If you see something that’s not right, not fair, not just, do something about it. Say something. Do something.” — Rep. John Lewis

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