The invisible real India

This is a poem written by the grandson of a poor villager who was sick & traveled all the way to Madras in the 1940s, dying of tuberculosis all by himself in the Govt. hospital. His daughter, never got to see her father and pined for him throughout her life. Now, his grandson is an engineer in the United States.

We were all poor, we were all destitute at some point. Eighty years later in 2021, not much has changed in India.

Don’t look for Humanity now. It died a horrible death, a long time ago.

Just as the British…

Another day, another set of announcements. Here is what I think:


Well, it is a copy of Tile. So, that’s that.

The most innovative thing Apple could have done with the AirTags — they did not do. They just copied something very, very well.

What they should have done is to create a new, decentralized social media platform using the Find My network. This would be of immediate use in countries like China where messages need to go through in spite of Govt. censorship of the Internet.

By piggy banking on top of the network created by these devices, Apple…

India is burning. Where are you Govt.?

Further updates here:

Zara mulk ke, Rahbaron ko bulaao
Ye kooche ye galiyaan, Ye manzhar dikhaao
Jinhe naaz hai hind par, woh kahaan hai?

Ye kooche ye nilaam, Ghar dilkashi ke
Ye lutate huye, Kaarvan zindagi ke
Kahaan hain kahan hain, Muhafiz khudi ke
Jinhe Naaz hai Hind par, Woh kahaan hai?

Ye purpech galiyaan, Ye badnaam bazaar
Ye gumnaam raahi, Ye sikkon ki jhankaar
Ye ismat ke saude, Ye saanson ke taqraar
Jinhe Naaz hai Hind par, Woh kahaan hai?

Ye sadiyon se bekhauf, Sehmi si galiyaan
Ye masli huyi adhkhili, Zard kaliyaan
Ye bikti huyi khokhli, Rangraliyaan
Jinhe Naaz hai Hind par, Woh kahaan hai?

Ye berooh kamron me, Khaansi ki thanthan Jinhe Naaz hai Hind par, Woh…

Further updates here:

I know, now is not the time to point fingers at anyone. We need to focus on solutions. But, this video just got released showing the deaf, dumb & blind Govt. in full inaction:

  • Are we in this bad state? This condition is a national shame.
  • Watch it to the end and see what the state legislator says about the horrendous condition “next door”.
  • He probably did not even both to visit after he was questioned and the hospital administrator is more worried about questions being asked and coaching the legislator about what to answer.

Further updates here:

We all know how bad the situation in India is currently. It has become an incubation pool for COVID variants. Hell scape is what comes to mind hearing and seeing what is going on currently. All we can do watching what is happening over there on Youtube is to closely watch the news and pray for those back home.

The Problem

Earth to Govt., Earth to Govt., beep, beep, beep, beep… where are you?

Why has the Govt. abandoned the Indian people?

Why are we not able to see anybody from the Govt. in front of these hospitals…

This is NOT the time to be complacent

Further updates here:

I got my Coronavirus vaccine today. There were not too many people, it seemed to be very well organized with Army people everywhere. This reminded me of the set of some dystopian Hollywood movie to be sure. Definitely scary to watch into the big former department store (had an Apocalyptic air to it overall).

There were just a handful of people ahead of me. It got over in about half an hour with a 15 minute waiting period after and about that much time before.

Very few medical people — just the (probably retired) senior nurse…

Further updates here:

You probably have a natural urge like I did to leave India and go “outside”, somewhere, anywhere. The first thing I would like to tell you is to atleast stay in India till you graduate from college. If you must leave, leave after that for your Masters or a job.

I say this because you don’t want to look back after many years and wonder why you left and maybe you should have stayed. You need to be able to look back and know with certainty that you should have left. …

I don’t mean to be overtly pessimistic. But I can’t help think of this situation as the Earth fighting back. There is just too much design and intelligence behind how this is happening for it to be a completely random event happening by chance.

I think we have all been waiting and watching for this to just “go away” by itself. If it had to “go away”, it would have gone away by now. I will continue to believe that as long as COVID is running wild anywhere, it is a threat to people everywhere.

Things are not that…

ANC Women’s League, as led by Winnie Madikizela Mandela, carry the coffin of fellow freedom fighter and comrade, Ida Mntwana

It is very rare to encounter anybody of real consequence in your life. I probably only met two such people in my life. One of them was Winnie Mandela. Whenever I tell people from South Africa that I knew her, they always react with horror or fear. They tell me “don’t tell anyone else that”. In fact I remember that when she came for the visit, even the people arranging it were very, very scared of her.

So much so that, the local people could not really understand why they were so scared.

I can only talk of my experience…

I think there are a lot of people out there who have maxed out their total system memory especially if the MAX memory supported is 32gb. Especially now with the lower DDR4 prices, it has never been a better time to get that extra RAM.

This is one of those secret things I think the people at Microsoft and other companies may already be using, while you are pulling your hair and wondering why your PC experience sucks so bad!

There is no better example of the strange course of how things have evolved over time than a RAID 5…


“If you see something that’s not right, not fair, not just, do something about it. Say something. Do something.” — Rep. John Lewis

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