ANC Women’s League, as led by Winnie Madikizela Mandela, carry the coffin of fellow freedom fighter and comrade, Ida Mntwana

It is very rare to encounter anybody of real consequence in your life. I probably only met two such people in my life. One of them was Winnie Mandela. Whenever I tell people from South Africa that I knew her, they always react with horror or fear. They tell me “don’t tell anyone else that”. In fact I remember that when she came for the visit, even the people arranging it were very, very scared of her.

So much so that, the local people could not really understand why they were so scared.

I can only talk of my experience…

I think there are a lot of people out there who have maxed out their total system memory especially if the MAX memory supported is 32gb. Especially now with the lower DDR4 prices, it has never been a better time to get that extra RAM.

This is one of those secret things I think the people at Microsoft and other companies may already be using, while you are pulling your hair and wondering why your PC experience sucks so bad!

There is no better example of the strange course of how things have evolved over time than a RAID 5…

Photo from Wikipedia:

So, we have all been reading about the valiant struggle by the people of Myanmar for their freedom. The protests have been deeply inspiring to everyone who has been following them all over the world. They keep going on & on no matter what has happened to the protestors. Hundreds have died, and more are expected to be added to the list of fatalities.

These are a list of articles which particularly moved me:

It is clear that the people are doing everything they can — going over & beyond. They are clearly inspired by nearby Hong Kong, but I…

It took a while for me to figure this out today. You should know that .NET Core apps cannot read the app settings within a web.config file. .NET Core apps have their own way of dealing with application configuration.

You have to transfer the app settings to the app.config file. This works great, but the problem is that when you publish the project, it won’t transform the app.config based on the build like you are used to with web.config files.

The easiest way to deal with this is mentioned here:

And this is the answer:

I have always believed that if you are spending your hard earned money on anything, you should utilize it to the MAX. This article is about how and why you should really be using a very important feature of Intel CPUs if yours support it.

This is new and exciting because the cost of NVMe SSDs have come down so much that, it is now foolish to not be protected against hardware failure with RAID 5 while simultaneously getting much, much better performance.

For quite a while I have been finding online that audiophiles talk about the difference a cable/ power supply/ power conditioner makes to their AV system.

As an Electronics Graduate, I can understand that better components can result in better sound. However, I do not believe in the crazy expensive anything or small USB thingies which cost hundreds of dollars. If you look more closely, you find that these snake oil products are usually built by companies who have no experience in building what they are selling.

A great example are the hundreds of companies who sell RO systems (Reverse…

A lot of people listen to music all over the world. I remember getting my first cassette tape a long time ago and looking at the super expensive CDs on the shelves — the foreign/ English ones were especially expensive because of the custom duties in my country. Over time, T-Series revolutionized the music scene by producing cheap CDs at very reasonable prices and there was a scramble to buy CDs of all the popular music released at that time.

The CD is dead for all practical purposes now. But, when I go back I try to find a CD…

One of the most important things about Windows PCs is also the least known to most end users. Your PC will die one day — pretty much anything can go bad, especially in a consumer PC. Yes, you don’t want to deal with this — I know! but you are going scream and cry when all your data is lost because your machine died. You are going to be miserable while your PC is queued up at the Geek Squad waiting to even know if something is recoverable or not.

You may already know a lot about Windows Backups. But…

It feels like Youtube has been out there since forever. As all such products go (Hotmail comes to mind), it started out as a great product. It worked well, and then it got acquired by Google. Nothing changed for many, many years and it stayed great — thereby becoming the default video platform for the Internet.

That is when they started showing Ads. This was just a minor thing when it started. I think they had a great balance between Ads and content at the time.

Then it started becoming obnoxious

What used to be infrequent ads, now started showing…

This article is primarily about water purification. I knew nothing about it, and I have gone through the process of finding and installing a good water filtration system from a reliable company which is trusted. I did not want to pay a “water company” the typical $3–4k for an RO system, which could be a scam. I wanted regular plumbers to be able to install an RO filter from a brand they were familiar with as a reliable one.

Some Background

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to design their house. Even without an Architect, you can customize your house…


“If you see something that’s not right, not fair, not just, do something about it. Say something. Do something.” — Rep. John Lewis

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