Dear Joe Biden, thank you for starting my healing process during the first Debate

Photo by Daniel Schwen, from: (Wikipedia)

So after 4 very long years of suffering the orange jelly splattered everywhere, which has given most of us blinding headaches and an aversion to watching TV or reading news, I would like to say that finally, finally, I am starting to heal after watching Joe stomp the orange jelly into goo on live TV yesterday.

This reminded me of that lovely time before the 2016 election when we had all thought that Hillary was going to win, and the world seemed rosy, and we expected to get 4 more years of solid, stable rock like Govt. under our feet.

Since the time orange jelly won, it has been absolutely horrible to see and hear the orange assault on our senses 24x7.

I am sick and tired of seeing the crap unfold on TV & news all the time.

And there was the debate…

Finally, finally, we saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Someone fighting back for decency, light and goodness. And it was good to see! I feel super energized, and I know who I am going to vote for — without any doubts whatsoever.

Here are some of my comments regarding specific matters:

  • Nobody expected a civil debate from the buffoon. So, I was not surprised by what I saw.
  • Though, it was loud, it was good to see the butt whopping on live TV.
  • Thank you! Thank you so much for calling orange jelly a clown.
  • We want you to punch back. Don’t hold back.
  • We want to see those punches — breaking through the lies.
  • Thank you calling a lie, a lie. We are sick and tired of seeing the good guys “hold back”. Enough is enough.
  • Come even better prepared for next time, because he will be.
  • Come ready with a proper strategy to deal with interruptions.
  • If he interrupts you, you interrupt back. Don’t hold back. You owe it to the people to fight back against this nonsense.

This was a good practice session. But, we want to see you fight back even more — no holding back, don’t listen to any of the crap he says.

We saw many times when he was speaking, you were silent. But when you spoke, he constantly interrupted you. Don’t be silent when he lies through his teeth — fight back. We want you to interrupt that garbage fire train of lies in between. We are sick of hearing the lies over & over again. We want you to interrupt him if he interrupts you.

It was great catharsis to see whenever you interrupted him.

Looking forward to seeing another butt whopping for the next debate!



I do want to note after further thought that while I do agree that the entire debate and how it went through was unacceptable in a civilized environment — I also went to a military school like Orangeade.

We already went through several debates in 2016 where we had a reasonable, and much better candidate debate him…

Orange has become more orange in 2020.

We won’t win — we can’t energize our base if we just “suck it up” in these debates and let him steamroll our candidate — while Joe stays quietly being “more presidential”.

Like I said — the only effective way to counteract this kind of bad childish behavior from Orange is to fight back — hard. Keep your dignity as much as you can, but fight back really hard.

And as far as I saw, it worked very well and is the first time I’ve seen Orange look a bit subdued and “down” because this is the first time anyone has ever stood up from the silent majority who has been forced to quietly listen to this garbage all the time.

Yeah. This is not great, this is not ideal. But man! did it not make you feel better…

Meanwhile in the Media…

I loved the SNL Sketch of the First Debate. Pretty much says everything I want to say and beyond. Including the massive applause as he says “shut up”

The White House cannot save itself from COVID-19, in spite of having every warning they could get, and access to the best resources in every single item you can think about.

If you cannot even take care of yourself, how can you take care of the country?

The crazies are showing us in real-time why we should vote them out of office.
OK, so you learnt the hard way that science is real. Still want to walk around without a mask?
How many more innocent people have to die, before you get it? — you just put your security people at risk!

I don’t get it. I really don’t.

I do not understand how someone decent can vote for team orange.

“The Sheer Stupidity of this Administration” — seems to be the right words to use for the ongoing mayhem.


2018 Women’s March in Missoula, Montana (from Wikipedia). Ref:

RBG was a great soul. Her death was a searing pain to millions of people in the United States. The GOP is running to try and confirm a Supreme Court justice without a mandate from the people arguing that both the Senate and the President are controlled by the GOP. Whatever they may argue, isn’t it the biggest insult to RBG to replace her with her polar opposite? They say she was great, and yet insult her memory with this despicable nomination.

Democrats do not need to be defensive about the nomination before an election or in a lame duck session of the senate. Let me explain why…

Even if supreme court justices have been nominated by a lame duck senate, this has always required 60 votes up until now.

So, this actually bucking the precedent because of the nomination process being:

  • During an election
  • The majority is barely a majority.
  • The Vice President may be voting to get a win
  • It could be in a lame duck session (yet to be seen).
  • Joe Biden may have won, but they will still nominate in a lame duck session?
  • Most importantly, on top of all of this, you don’t need 60 votes to confirm the nomination.

Combining all the above statement, this makes no sense.

I don’t disagree with the precedent that the senate can confirm — sure go ahead with the confirmation, but follow the 60 vote rule for confirming Supreme Court justices which has been followed in all instances where anybody has ever nominated a supreme court justice since the time of US Independence.

If they can get a 60 vote confirmation, go for it! But they won’t — that is the real problem with the confirmation during the election and/ or lame duck session.

If you have observed the mayhem in the Govt after they tried to push through the nomination as well as after the first debate with the COVID-19 mass spreader events — to me it seems like almost everyone in the highest echelons of the Govt either already have the virus or are at the highest risk for it.

Needless to say, there is already talk online that there is definitely life after death, RBG is definitely in heaven, and she has won her first case with God presiding over the court already.

I say this is what happens when a great soul crosses over. Quite incredible really. Quite incredible. Perhaps RBG’s biggest cases will be fought and won in the afterlife. God bless her soul!

Roe vs. Wade

I want to note that if my family was in a situation like this, I would (as a father) have an opinion to keep the baby for sure (once we knew she/ he was conceived already).

But whether to keep the baby or not, in spite of my being sad about it, would be totally a decision left up to the mother as she is the “creator” (as I think of it).

Her body, Her choice — whatever others feel about it.

Please listen to Reason

You should know that after agent orange took over, there are immigrants and minorities living in this country who are scared of seeing the American Flag — and who shudder when they hear the words “USA, USA, USA…”

Let that sink in for a minute. That is how bad orange man has screwed up this country.

It is time to take back this country. It is time to remind everyone what this country stands for — the country which defeated Hitler, saw the end of communism in the USSR, and who has mostly fought for freedom everywhere.

Vote like your lives depend on it.

“If you see something that’s not right, not fair, not just, do something about it. Say something. Do something.” — Rep. John Lewis

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