Hustling does not make a VC fundable tech company, it makes an SMB

2 min readNov 26, 2023

It is a great business model to just combine different new technologies in novel ways to solve genuine user problems and make a ton of money out of it.

But, what I love about Research is that, it is going back to the fundamentals and re-imagining something which almost everyone takes for granted today.

Reading data from databases is pretty old tech. As mature as it can get. Reimagining it in a completely new way, moving the needle forward after decades of stagnation- that’s what gets me excited everyday.

That is why it is important to have a research oriented mindset. Everyday we think of new ideas — often when we are not in front of a computer, and we think deeply about whether it moves the needle, or how it improves the overall development experience.

Sometimes you go down paths, and you find something else better. Then you have the freedom to pick the new path, and see the results of doing that. You can iterate and move pretty fast before you start supporting real customers. And that is what we have been doing till now.

The innovations which really move the needle — it takes months and maybe years, because you live with the problem and marinate it well in your mind. And it takes time for your mind to really look at it from all perspectives and provide a solution.

When you see the real solution, you feel it in your gut. You know, it is an amazing and correct solution. And after implementation, when customers use it and it works great, then you know that you did the right thing, and you don’t really have to change it — and you can go ahead and innovate somewhere else next.

This is not possible when you don’t have a research culture in your company, and are always chasing things based on other criteria. The solutions you come up with maybe only skin deep, and has no depth to it. This means it will falter and you will keep having to bandage it over & over again, thereby never being able to move forward to the next big thing.

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