The Senate has fallen. May God save our Country now.

The future may not be as bleak as the title of this article says, but we will really only know for sure after the presidential elections of 2024.

It is hard for the senators in Washington to really understand what the vast majority of people all over America are feeling while watching the second impeachment trial.

What should Republican Senators do? Will voting to impeach the former president doom the party? Should they stand together and “fight back” and stop the impeachment?

None of these are easy questions to answer. It is probably easy to chicken out and just vote against impeachment if you are a Republican. But is the least path of resistance, the best path forward?

What I am seeing currently is the destruction of the Republican party being played out every day on TV. I say that because I am an independent who may have voted for the GOP before. But, after what I have seen in the past few days, I and millions of others like me have decided that we would never vote for another republican ever again.

Let me explain why…

We have seen some of the “best” Republican Leaders “fold” in the face of crisis. We have already seen most of them bitterly criticize the former president before he won the presidential primary only to humiliatingly bow in front of him after he won the presidency. That reduced the stature of most of these leaders significantly. But, all of that is nothing in front of what we are seeing currently.

If you are a Republican Leader and you did not say anything and kept quiet, you are very shrewd indeed! Because those who are speaking out, are killing their careers themselves. They have no credibility left — they are the ones who have broken their oaths to defend the Constitution against enemies both internal & external.

This is the ugly truth, collected carefully and painstakingly from all over the Internet. Many of the things I have mentioned here have been mentioned by the House Impeachment Managers:

Republican Senators must realize that the American people are very angry and feel very insulted by what has happened on Jan 6. The desecration of the United States Capitol is no different for the vast majority of Americans than the burning of the US Flag. Storming the people’s house is home invasion in every sense. It is unforgivable, and not bringing all the culprits to justice is also unforgivable.

Those responsible must be brought to justice. And it is not just the insurrectionists who overran the Capitol but also the person who incited it.

There were a handful of Republican Senators who still had the respect of the American people. Those few have lost the complete respect of the people by their cowardly and partisan actions we have seen in the past few days.

I would not even say that these few Senators put party over country. I would say, at this point it would be correct to say that they put the cult of one person over country.

Things are pretty bad enough as it seems. Basically, the republicans are destroying their own party by killing the credibility of every leader who is standing to vote against the impeachment of the former president.

The Senate Minority Leader is very intelligent. The only peep out of him was shortly after Jan 6. Everyone knows what he feels but he won’t say or do anything overt because he knows that both paths are bad at present. So standing still without expression is the right way forward.

I won’t mention the senators by name, but it includes one senator who said “enough is enough” on Jan 6, and is now trying to do everything he can to prevent the impeachment. This guy has changed his colors so many times, he probably does not know which color he is at this point. I cringe for his constituents who have voted for him (again) and sent him back to defile the floors of the Capitol.

And there is another who has always been known as a staunch conservative, against wars and spending — who seemed to stand by his principles no matter what, but then argued that the impeachment itself is unconstitutional. What a pathetic ending to someone who many respected as principled, unbending to his principles. How the mighty have fallen!

I am not sure whether the Senator from Florida and the outspoken Senator from Texas realize that they will never win the presidency in their lifetime. Over the debacle of the past 5 years they have shown themselves to be spineless, characterless, partisan swamp creatures. They never had the charisma to be a US President, and with their words and actions in the past weeks, they have sealed the fates of their political careers themselves.

Nobody wants to vote for losers who can’t stand by their own words, who humiliatingly bowed down to the former president just because he won in 2016, and now they are willing to break the oaths of their office by voting to weaken the Constitution.

Even Mike Pence came through in the end. Just when we thought that all the firewalls had been breached, and nobody would lift a finger for their country over party — he was heroic on Jan 6th.

Mike Pence was born for that day — that was the ultimate defining moment of his career. This maybe written about in the history books of the future.

That fateful decision to possibly sacrifice everything, putting his family in danger even — he still did the right thing. The Vice Presidency truly changed Mike Pence — he rose to ultimately become deserving of that high position. For choosing the country, and its constitution over anything and everything, he became the ultimate patriot.

Senator Mitt Romney has also become an unlikely hero of this story — doggedly choosing the right path, everytime he is faced with a hard decision pitting party vs. country. He is the man who shouted “See what happens” on Jan 6th. Talk about redemption, this man has to be respected and I can see him running for president someday again as a real conservative. I can see people voting for him. What a man! — people scream at him, throw things at him, attack him; but he walks on and still does the right thing over & over again.

The worst thing that can happen to the country today is if the person responsible for inciting this insurrection walked away scot free, without facing justice.

I would like the Republican Senators to consider the message they would be sending across by voting against impeachment:

If the former president is not impeached - this becomes the darkest moment in our history where, we become a country without laws.

This will be written about as a turning point in history after which things took a turn to get really, really bad because one party could not put country over the cult of their leader. It could not find the few senators needed to do what is right.

What the former president will learn is that:

  • He can do it again, because he did not face any consequences for doing so.
  • He gets the license to do whatever he wants to do, if he wins the presidency again. He was pretty much doing that the last time anyway.
  • Next time, he will get a crazy guy as the VP, so there will be no Mike Pence to save the day on the next “Jan 6th”.

America will cease to be the shining city on the hill spreading the hope of liberty and freedom all over the world.

The sins of the past cannot be changed, we can only change the future now. What has happened has happened. You can’t go back and change what happened. It is too late for that.

The only path forward for the Republican party is to walk over burning embers now, and cleanse the party of the crazy fringe elements infecting it, and come back renewed.

I think everyone wants there to be two strong parties balancing each other. For the good of the country, I fervently hope that the senate does the right thing and impeaches the former president so that we can all leave this story behind us, and move forward and start our collective healing process.

What this Impeachment Vote comes down to

Unlike what the Republicans Senators are hoping people think of the vote as, it is not really a vote for or against their party, or for or against a former Republican President.

Most Americans are considering this as really a vote:

  • For or against America
  • For or against The Constitution of the United States
  • For or against Their Oath of Office
  • For Rule of Law vs. Chaos & Anarchy
  • For the Cult of the Former President vs. the Country

There is really only one real choice here. I hope for the sake of this country, that they make the right choice.

Feb 13, 2021

Just as the Democrats learned that the simpler message wins, and the more complex message even though it may be the right choice will not win the public opinion for the ACA, this time the tables seem to have turned on the GOP.

Nobody really cares about the complex arguments being done for or against impeachment. What the vast majority if people see is the violence against the Capitol which is the seat of the Government. The simple message here is that violence was done, insurrection happened, it was the cult of one person, justice must be done.

Many complex arguments can be thrown against this. But nobody is going to care about that. As of this time, The senate has correctly voted to bring in more witnesses in this trial. I think they made the right choice, I think they need to control which witnesses are called so that this does not devolve into a circus.

Every single day this trial drags on from here, and every single time another senator like the minority leader decides to vote against the impeachment, is more bleeding in the GOP ranks and more Democrats in the Congress and Senate.

We all know the majority numbers should increase for more good changes to come, there has never been a better time for this kind of change with a very experienced president at the helm.

The Democrats should remember the past, and move forward without regret to ensure that justice is done. The reverse court packing in the past four years being just one of innumerable wounds sustained over the past four years.

The GOP has to decide between two bad choices. I say that the harder choice is the right one, and the easier choice is the trap.

This video pretty much sums up all our thoughts at this point.

Well, the speaker of the house sums up all our feelings at this point especially when she mentions how someone could love their job so much, or are they in such a bad state that they cannot find another job when they choose the former president over their country?

The Speaker of the House is apoplectic with rage, as we all are at the outcome of the trial in the Senate

Honestly, I was surprised that a political animal like the Senate Minority leader even managed to say as much as he did here. You can see this is as much as even he is willing to do or can do without losing his job. There are limits to even his power as we can see. It is quite amazing to me that he tries to answer the question posed in the article basically asking the Judiciary to do his job for him:

The Minority Leader’s version of screaming and shouting that he knows what is right, he wants to do what is right, but he will not sacrifice his power or position to do it.

How can this country move forward, with leaders like this? It is sad.

I agree with the Majority Leader who mentions a thought which I have mentioned here as well. This was not a vote picking country over party, it was about choosing the country over the former president.

The Senate Democrats have done what they have always done — do the right thing, focus on the biggest need of the American people by moving beyond this and focusing on the COVID-19 crisis. This party works exactly like President Obama mentions in his book.

The biggest problem now regarding this heinous debacle, is if the former president will be able to run again in 2024 and if he wins, this country is most certainly doomed because he would have learnt from this debacle and there won’t be a Mike Pence to save us on Jan 6, 2028.

If anything this trial and impeachment has shown that the legislative branch of the Government has completely failed to meet its constitutional obligations. Any President in the future knows that they can do almost anything they want to, and the senate if not the house will not lift a finger to protect the republic.

Let us add Feb 13, 2021 to the list of the darkest days in our history joining such momentous days like Jan 6, 2021, 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.

Today is the day when ten republican senators failed our Republic and the Constitution of the United States, giving it all up in fear of the cult of one person.

I fervently hope I am wrong.

There is an amazing solidarity between what everyone feels about what needs to be done next:

Looks like we really need secret ballots for such votes in the future.

To be continued…

“If you see something that’s not right, not fair, not just, do something about it. Say something. Do something.” — Rep. John Lewis

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