Inside a titanic struggle to integrate Sol Ark with KiloVault HAB 7.5

8 min readSep 22

If I had known about this, I would have tried with the rack mount EG4 batteries. But, the reason I went with the KiloVault HAB is because I was told that it is a great battery which gives no trouble! Perhaps that is true, but for sure, its BMS cannot work in closed loop communication with the Sol Ark 15K inverter — even the dealers don’t recommend this approach anymore. They say — just set the values manually and leave it at it.

All the information given here is as per my experience at the time of this writing. Note that hardware, software, electronics & documentation changes over time (100% validated because the older manuals say different things). Use this at your own risk! I would always use the quick, friendly and fast support people at Sol Ark for all my needs!

Let’s go back to the beginning. Here is the inverter:

And here is the battery:

Once it was installed, we suspected a problem because of the warning symbol under the battery icon on the Sol Ark — even though the battery was charging and discharging fine. I know now that this was not working for sure because the Lithium Battery Info was all zeros — and if it were working, they would have some values.

There started my journey of trying to debug this issue myself. There were many problems:

The correct values needed to be set on the inverter

These are the “backup” values (as per Sol Ark support) when the BMS integration does not work (like we suspected from the warning symbol). So, because it does not work, we need to change these values manually for sure.

Whether the BMS works or not, these values have to be set up…


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