Man in the High Castle: Analysis of Possibilities from WW2

  • They lost too many soldiers by not abandoning and retreating when they could, so they could defend better than they did. This made it possible for the soviets to quickly vanquish the Nazis in year 3 of the offensive. They simply did not have enough soldiers to take on the soviets. If they had not lost these many soldiers for no reason, at the least the war would have taken longer to get over, and it would have been much more difficult to defeat the Nazis on the eastern front.
  • They did not take advantage of the initial success, and get Moscow. But, I believe, even if they had done so, it would not have made any difference.
  • They were too arrogant/ racist/ crazy enough to start this war without a clear understanding of how much the soviets could handle in losses and still come up with millions of soldiers and thousands of tanks and planes.
  • They did not have the backend resources (coal, oil, materials, factories) to supply chain fighting such a large country with so many resources. Churchill did a study towards the end of the war to see if it were tenable to attack the soviets, move forward and drive them back — even the Allies may not have been able to sustain this.
  • England was still 2 years away from Normandy
  • The USA had no reason to join the war as it remains untouched. The republicans would never had agreed to it. They let China become communist — they would have let Germany be unless attacked directly.
  • All of Europe including England
  • Caucasian parts of Russia
  • Eventually including other parts of Europe as well
  • Would have conquered England & thereby all its colonies
  • Asian regions of Russia
  • China
  • All of South East Asia
  • India might have been under Japanese influence & not under England
  • Canada is in the USA sphere of influence (the only other large country which could help the USA).
  • Only other major dominant world power.
  • Now, the USA looks vulnerable in comparison.
  • Germany (swallows all of Europe including England) — Strong
  • Japan (swallows all of South East Asia + India under their influence) — Strong
  • USA — Strong, but marginalized as the last hope of Humanity
  • USSR — Strong
  • China — Strong
  • It worked out better for us that Germany invaded the USSR so they could be defeated in the end.
  • It worked out better for us that Japan attacked the USA so the USA could join the war, and help defeat Germany and eventually Japan as well.



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