Stuck with a slow development team, like everyone else?

2 min readSep 2, 2023

Do you think your development team is too slow? Whether you are just starting out, or you are well on your way to an IPO, the #1 complaint I have heard from engineers, management, product managers, and senior management is that their team just cannot build features on time.

Sometimes, it feels like the team took 3 weeks to add two textboxes and a button to an existing page.

Sometimes, the implementation is so weird, that it is the opposite of intuitive.

This article is written by our sponsor which is a new startup trying to help other startups building data-driven apps on the Microsoft .NET Core/ Azure tech stack.

When you are a large enterprise, add unproductive meetings to the mix, where they will speak unintelligible words to explain why they ended up with this user interface.

Does this feel familiar? If so, we can help. Arc — our rapid application development platform allows you to get more productivity from your existing team.

We have been in these situations before, and have spent decades researching how to solve these problems. The end result is a platform which is more simple, natural and intuitive while also giving you scalability, performance and cost-effectiveness.

How is this possible? Email me at productivity at nautilus2k dot com to learn more.

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