The data plans available in AT&T myVehicle make no sense in 2022

2 min readSep 27, 2022

AT&T myVehicle is a good idea with a botched implementation. If you buy a new car in the USA, chances are that it comes with a free in car Wifi plan atleast for a few months. It is definitely a great idea because the data connection through the antennas in the car is significantly more reliable than what you can get through your phone — I can assure you!

The reason is because if you take a 15 year old Nokia and go in the middle of nowhere, chances are that you can get a signal fine — where the latest iPhone may struggle to find a useable signal. This actually happened to me. The old school phones could make phone calls and send SMS from pretty much anywhere. The new phones have extremely weak antennas and radios which often struggle to find and latch onto signals.

So, it was no surprise to me that while no cell provider from Verizon to AT&T has ever given me a good signal even though I have forked hundreds of dollars, in my house, or even traveling around town, the in car AT&T Wifi works perfectly — no matter where I went; including in parking garages.

So, I don’t need data plans to stream videos or music. I just need it to get ANY stable internet connection, mostly for maps & traffic. And noticing the pathetic state of mobile internet speed consistently in the USA across providers from California to New York, this is a great service.

The problem are the data plans:

  • I don’t need unlimited data.
  • I don’t need monthly or yearly plans.

These made sense before the pandemic for the majority of people because they commuted daily. These make sense if you drive every single day, and so you would use the data daily. For most people who only use the car occasionally because they WFH now, these plans no longer make any sense.

What we would like to see would be a pre-paid like data option without a plan where I can purchase a set amount of data and buy more when it gets over.

This is perfect for people who do not commute daily, but still want to use in-car Wifi when they do go out. I would get the data plans myself if they had a pre-paid data option without a plan.

Just a shame that I can’t get the service I need, while AT&T can’t make the money just because they do not have flexibility in their plan options. This is why more competition is always good in any space.




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