The definitive guide on how to get Xfinity Gigabit Pro 2gbps up & down residential Internet

22 min readAug 21, 2020

As far as I know, this is the only article online which fully goes over the entire process from inception to final install completely, with all the details you need to ever know about this. I am glad to write the “user manual” for this because apparently nobody else wants to do it!

This article is part of the Internet WFH Series I started here. Some background is given in the below article as to why I needed Gigabit Pro to begin with, and how to fund it:

How did I find out that I can get Gigabit Pro/ Why I adamantly pursued it

How I made sure, I am within a minimum distance required from a existing fiber node, and why it would be relatively easy for Comcast to give me this connection & how frustrating it was to find someone who knew about this service.

The last place you should call is the XFINITY number. They have no idea about this service — it is handled by a completely different team.

In my last article you will learn how I got contacts with Comcast Business. Before I committed to a Business plan, I asked them about fiber. They connected me to the person in their team who does fiber — and the plans were super expensive.

However, I started with asking them whether it is even possible to get fiber at my home address. They looked into it and said YES. Then, they showed me a survey map indicating that it would cost Comcast $14k to bring the optical fiber cable to my residence “even though it is within 500 feet of my house”. I looked at the map and was sad.

No fiber nodes on this side of the road. Are those white cylinders transformers? I think so, because a few of them blew up one after the other in a very scary way once.

A few days later, I was trying to compare that map to the poles outside, when I realized that the survey map was wrong!


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