The Nightmare is finally over. We can all (finally) breathe a little easier now…

When “the event” happened in 2016, I was very despondent. People were asking my wife why “I was taking it so personally” and “why I was so upset”. That is how it is for me — I take it hard at the beginning, and slowly build my defenses around me later and prepare for the worst.

I confess that I cried after watching Obama’s final speech to the troops. It was heart wrenching. He was such a good human being, such a good person.

Much has happened since that fateful election. The people who asked those questions are not even in this country anymore. Visas expired, things did not get renewed, they all went away aka were kicked out.

If he won again this time, things were looking so bleak that I doubted that we would be able to live in this country anymore. First they came for the visa holders, then they would come for the green card holders.

It was just a matter of time before they reached us — those few who had taken it seriously and obtained our citizenship as soon as we could, after 2016.

I remember visiting Washington, DC and telling my wife to really enjoy the experience because we were not going to come back for a long time. President Obama was still in the White House, the world had not completely dissolved into total chaos.

We finally got the news we have been waiting since what feels like forever…

Joe Biden and Barack Obama in Springfield, Illinois, right after Biden was formerly introduced by Obama as his running mate
Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump to become 46th president of the US, Fox News projects

Let me first explain why I have the link to Fox News here. I don’t watch it much (even though Youtube for some reason keeps recommending it to me). No matter who wins, if Fox and its “friends” do not concede, then it will be total chaos and anarchy here.

So, even after I heard the news, I waited for Fox News to “concede” before breathing easier.

It has gotten so bad during the past few days after the election that I was willing to be ok with anyone winning, as long as all votes are counted.

I can live with whoever wins as long as all votes are properly counted. I mean “legal” as based on state laws, “legal” as in people who can vote. Because, anything different would mean there would again be chaos and anarchy because some people think some votes were illegal.

It is not worth disenfranchising voters to get either candidate to win. That thought causes more heartburn than the thought of one candidate or the other winning.

This is the difference between a banana republic and a real democracy. Thankfully, we seem to be “creaking through” however bad it seemed from moment to moment.

I am grateful to Joe

I knew Kamala would not be chosen as the running mate precisely because she is the smartest, and most qualified person to be the VP. I was sad, there was no chance she would be chosen.

I was shocked and very grateful to Joe for doing “beyond the right thing” and picking Kamala.

She is smart, she is intelligent, she is an excellent VP choice which excited the base. This proves Joe is the right pick for the president.

The Election Maps can Improve

The map can be misleading.

I’ve noticed that whenever they show a lot of these maps, they show red and blue based on who won each county. Purely based on “area” it seems that there is more red than blue. That gives a completely wrong impression.

The maps do not show the density of the population. You can show areas in red and blue, but when there are more people in certain areas, I think we should indicate that somehow.

I would not fill the color in the areas. I would put red and blue dots, with the dots being more sparse in areas of lower populations, and being more “together” or “filled up” in areas of higher populations. This maybe a better way to show the map.

This is important, because it shows a very wrong picture when almost an entire state is red, and a few urban areas are blue and we say Democrats won — not very intuitive, confusion, and is a wrong picture because the red areas are way more sparsely populated than the blue areas in many cases.

I think this causes the wrong narrative that Democrats are “coastal” and Republicans are “in between”. I don’t think that is true at all. It is just differences in the distribution of the population.

What have we learnt?

Yes, the country clearly discriminates against well qualified, deserving Women

Biden could probably have won in 2016 which would have saved us a lot of heartburn these past 4 years. Considering the number of people who voted for Trump in 2020, even after all the chaos, mayhem and deaths in the past 4 years, I don’t think Hillary had a chance in 2016 because she is a woman, and clearly, as a country, we discriminate against women who are fully qualified for positions they are aspiring for. It is sad, but clearly it is reality.

Some People just want “Change” and “Something Different”, no matter how horrible it is

I know some very reasonable and good people who voted for Trump in 2020. They did that because a lot of them “just wanted someone different”, no matter what the cost.

That is a pretty appalling thought, but Democrats need to think of that for 2024. A lot of people don’t want to vote for politicians, no matter how good they are, because “they have been there for too long” and “they want someone different”, just to see what they would do.

A significant number of people choose $$$ over real lives

Yes, an unreasonable number of people prefer a booming economy over people dying in the thousands because of COVID-19. I don’t get it, but it is nevertheless, true.

Yes, a significant portion of the country is racist, and exactly what Hillary said they are.

If anything 2016 and 2020 (even more so) proves that. We got to live with it, and change it.

A lot of people voted for Trump. We need our leaders to compromise and govern for “everyone”, not just for themselves or their party or “their people” alone.

We want facts, not opinions from the Media

The media is biased. They should stop giving opinions, and provide news and let us decide for ourselves. Stop trying to influence people — you are only making things worse. Don’t tell us what to think.

It is important to cover news fully no matter who is governing.

Full coverage only during republican government puts them at an advantage — even when you think it is “bad news”. Republicans sure like hearing what democrats think are “bad news”. Democrats deserve to know how they are being governed when their party is governing.

Let us not forget the 70 million people who voted for Trump. That is a lot of people. Taking them for granted will cause problems. We need to find a way in which we can make meaningful change, without making them mad.

Transparency is important.

We need our leaders to be more transparent and let us know what they think and what is happening.

Having fewer news conferences, tweeting less, not letting us know what is going on disengages us from Goverment. This is one of the reason, fewer people vote.

Even if you are doing good work, you still need to talk to us frequently, so we can engage more with you, and care about what is going on. This is one way to get more voters voting during elections.

Stop personalizing news for us.

News should never be personalized. The echo chambers created by Google, Facebook and all social media is destroying the world, and taking Democracy along with it, down the cliff.

Google Search, News & Youtube is sh%^. I have logged out of all three platforms, and I have a much better experience now. They deserve to get sued by the Govt over anti-trust.

Stop showing us what you think we will be interested in.

Stop showing us what you think will make us engage “more” with your platform.

One (very important) last thing…

The media is officially banned from ever broadcasting anymore videos of Trump, ever again.

Yeah, we will give you some leeway until January 20. But definitely, not after that. :-)


Please watch this video to the end…
No more!!

The Road so far

“If you see something that’s not right, not fair, not just, do something about it. Say something. Do something.” — Rep. John Lewis

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