Yes, YouTube is messing with your head.

It feels like Youtube has been out there since forever. As all such products go (Hotmail comes to mind), it started out as a great product. It worked well, and then it got acquired by Google. Nothing changed for many, many years and it stayed great — thereby becoming the default video platform for the Internet.

That is when they started showing Ads. This was just a minor thing when it started. I think they had a great balance between Ads and content at the time.

What used to be infrequent ads, now started showing up all the time, until it has reached a state now where Ads hound you all the time, with multiple Ads showing up (even) within a single video.

They basically destroyed a great product with so many ads. You may say that, you can pay to get ad free. I agree, but:

  1. That is not my problem with YouTube Ads
  2. There will always be a majority of people who don’t pay for YouTube and hence see these ads — so it matters what ads show up within a “free” YouTube account.

“Fake News” Ads

YouTube is basically the TV of the Internet. Next time you see a YouTube Ad, watch it from that perspective and think whether it is appropriate to show as an Ad. Like everything else, Ads used to be fine on YouTube up until a year or two ago.

My problem with most of the Ads is:

  • They show the same damn ads all the time (which you could still deal with, but…)
  • These Ads are “fake”. I see them as saying “fake” and probably completely wrong and misleading things to sell something to someone. Almost no better than a scam, if you ask me.

I am creating this article to start making a list of these “fake” ads. I will try to add links to those if I can find them after I write this article. Here are some of the Ads I have seen:

  • Someone trying to sell me a bad stock as the “next great thing”. Follow it long enough, and it turns out, it became worthless. Basically using YouTube ads to try and get a lot of people to buy a certain stock so its price goes up.
  • The “next great thing” is out there. Click here to learn more, this is bigger than Amazon! (I have never tried to click through this crap).
  • A variety of products, all sold using the same kind of background music, from drones to god knows what else, and the latest is a strange toothbrush.
  • A series of ads which seek to convince you that pretty much anything from rice to tomatoes and even avocados are bad for you, and click here to find out which foods not to eat.
  • How about another series of ads where the very same products mentioned previously as “god foods” and must to eat?
  • Here is a new one: Apparently every kind of nut is bad for you.

The Advertisers are not doing themselves any favor by advertising on YouTube — I hate their products!

It is high time, someone sued the pants off YouTube. Like AOC says, this is nothing but Capitalism without any limits because nobody had gotten to regulating them yet.

No respectable TV provider would show ads like these, and neither should YouTube.

With all the other bad news about Google going around, it is high time, Governments start investigating and punishing these large software companies who think they can get away with anything. They treat their employees badly, and they have really, truly ruined an entire generation of young minds who think of them as “absolute truths”.

Imagine if they treat their employees this badly, how would they be abusing their users? Addiction to technology could be as bad as drugs when young minds are exposed to this trash from a young age because parents cannot be bothered to interact more with their kids, because they can’t get a living wage, or because everything is so damn expensive, and you kill yourself trying to take care of your family.

While, we are burning midnight oil, working our pants off, our kids are fending for themselves and absorbing prodigious amounts of information from any source they have access to — which is a toxic mix of social media and platforms created by companies who have grown too big for their own shoes, and create toxic environments for their end users while their own children are completely banned from the very products they sell (think Steve Jobs & Bill Gates) and go to pricey private schools which almost nobody else has access to.

Next time you think about these companies and want to formulate an opinion, just read how they treat their employees. That is what I do.

You do not need to feel too bad for Google or YouTube. They did this to themselves after great deliberation & thought, and as we all know; every action eventually has an equal & opposite reaction.

To be continued…


“If you see something that’s not right, not fair, not just, do something about it. Say something. Do something.” — Rep. John Lewis

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