Wading through the marketing lies to find a laptop in 2023

6 min readSep 21

This is a continuation of my previous article:

My old Dell Precision 5510 remains at the repair shop, while they are still trying to figure out what is wrong with it. It could be bad.

On a more positive note, I don’t have to travel; so they can take their time for the repair, while I can wait to buy a new laptop.

Finding a School Laptop (detour)

Meanwhile (there is a lot going on), I had to scramble to get my kid a laptop for school. After looking at the options extensively, I realized that I need to go for a 13 inch laptop with at-least a FHD display so the screen is not blurry. That lead us to this laptop, which is the only one we could find for below $500 which had a non-blurry, non-pixelated screen (which you don’t want unless you need vision problems):

This is a great laptop for the price at the time we got it. And it worked well. But I hated the plastic body.

However, we found a laptop with a 2560 x 1600 display from a employee benefits website. Strangely, I could not find this laptop doing a normal search on Lenovo’s website. As if they don’t want us to find the cheaper, better laptops:

This feels like a real laptop with a metal body, and with the clearer screen, it is a no brainer!

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My gut was to go with either the pricey 14-inch, M2, Macbook Pro, or the Dell XPS. But then…


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