Well meaning people often ask the wrong questions on the journey to solutions

2 min readNov 26, 2023

I saw a question in a job posting today that asked: “What is the hardest SQL problem you have ever seen?” 😊 I think that is the wrong question to ask, because it is evident that you have reached the end of your line, or will soon reach that point, and are trying to throw people at the problem — let me hire one more SQL guru, and we can solve all our scalability issues.

But can we?

The hardest SQL problem I have faced is at the beginning of a project where you know you must build something very complex. Soon everything will be taken over by SQL until you end up with a dumb web page run mostly by stored procedure or SQL within a data access call.

Everything you learned, including object-oriented programming and all of it — becomes a tool to hide the fact that the data is coming from a database that struggles to handle data ingestion with constant queries from users which only gets worse over time.

For the past twenty years, I have seen design patterns and architects struggling with this problem. Doing anything and everything to forget about SQL and database, while failing spectacularly at the effort.

This is exactly why we invented Reactor — you no longer have to deal with this anymore.

- No more complex SQL
- No more SQL tuning
- No more Database tuning

Just use object-oriented programming, grab the data you want from a Data Source that makes you forget where the data is coming from, and build beautiful applications while taking full advantage of everything you learned in college.

The truth of the matter is that relational databases are an excellent data store — but struggle at scaling up with data volume and user load. Our product lets you use relational databases for what they are good at, while solving everything else around their usage and deployment.

There are two sorts of people I’ve noticed:

1. They don’t get it. Huh?
2. They really get it. “This is the dream” — The next question is — how the heck did you do it?

A lot of blood, sweat, tears — but in essence following what Steve Jobs said: Living with the problem, and figuring out elegant solutions while everyone gave up on that road.

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