What Nobody is saying out loud about COVID-19

6 min readFeb 15, 2021

I am writing this article as a continuation of my previous article:

Things sure seem to be getting better — there is no doubt about that. Everyone seems to want the schools to reopen. But, it looks like a lot of people still do not understand the true ramifications of opening up “everything” as well as even getting a vaccine.

The Truth about getting Vaccinated

Let us get one thing straight: you should get the vaccine as soon as possible. But there are some things which you need to know which has not been widely disseminated yet:

You also need to get the rest of your family vaccinated before “you can breathe easy”.

This also means that if your employer is getting you vaccinated early because of where you work — that is not adequate. This is because:

  • You can still get infected with COVID-19, but you won’t be seriously affected by it.
  • You can still spread the infection to others — including your family.

If you ask me, if my getting vaccinated is not going to protect my family until they get theirs — it is almost like not getting a vaccine at all. The only way to fully protect yourself and all the people you love is to get everyone vaccinated and to social distance till then.

And even then, unfortunately, you can spread to your neighbors and they could get seriously ill, unless they also got the vaccine.

Now you know whey they are asking everyone to social distance and maintain all precautions even after you get the vaccine, and even after your family gets the vaccine as well.

The rollout is definitely slow, even for people with medical conditions who are not old enough. It is going to be a while before healthy adults get the vaccine. I worry…


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