I am not too worried about an AI becoming self aware…

The prevalent wisdom is that kids as an example develop intelligence over time by learning — thereby machines can also be trained in a similar way to eventually become self aware and more “intelligent” if we could feed it the right data and it had the right learning algorithms.

I don’t think this can happen because I don’t believe that kids become self aware. Most of what humans have observed over a millennia indicate that people have souls and we spend much of our childhood learning how to use the human body.

This could mean that intelligence was always there to begin with. Indeed, this is what some of the oldest religions say. Why then can a child not do the same mental tasks as an adult? I think it is because what is developing over time is not “intelligence” — it is the human body itself. If we consider the brain and other systems within our body as sophisticated machines which need to build themselves over time — it all starts making sense.

You could have super intelligence, but if you are unable to express it within the dimensions of your space time, then you might seem child like. Over time, as the mechanisms for expression evolve, and build themselves — memory, brain tissue, etc, the intelligence is able to perform optimally within the physical boundaries of our existence.

One of the other interesting theories out there is that no matter how advanced an extra terrestrial species is, within the boundaries of our physical world, they need to obey our physics. This could also explain some of the discrepancies between what a human can do as a child, and what she can do as an adult.

For an AI to have self awareness, I think — it needs to have a soul. I do not think we will be able to create a soul within a computer. However, there is a possibility that any 'body' which is capable of harnessing a soul can eventually become a carrier — maybe, even drawing a soul into itself. That would mean a human soul in a machine body which is indeed scary, as we all know that humans have wrought chaos in this world in many centuries.

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