Why Microsoft is a failing company

2 min readSep 21, 2018

I read this article posted online, which is like the poster child of what a company should never do.

Here are some golden quotes, which explain why the quality of Microsoft products have gone down the drain in the past few years. Eventually, we will all abandon your products, and your company will be fired by your customers. How you have fallen as a company!

Statement 1:

we did let things get a little messy over there while we were building ASP.NET Core. If you look at the issue tracker you’ll see we have (at the time of publishing) over 500 open issues.

Let us pause a moment for those poor souls (customers) who paid MS to get a shitty product and wasted their time entering bugs, which have now been ignored — just like they have studiously ignored all the thousands of bugs reported for their flagship product: Visual Studio.

Statements 2 & 3:

We didn’t do a great job keeping on top of the backlog.. we’re going to have to declare a kind of “Issue Bankruptcy

Let that sink in for a moment:

I applaud the person who chose the word “Bankruptcy”, which is so appropriate for what comes next. I can almost feel the frustration of the few good people within MS who fought and lost this battle over bankruptcy:

“we’re going to close all issues that were opened prior to January 1st, 2018…”

What a nice way to say: S#@!w you customers after they took the time to report issues which they thought you would at least triage, and attempt to fix:

If one of these issues is affecting you, please feel free to open a new issue with the details and we will be happy to review it…

And every failing company definitely has one characteristic — the losers who hope things may have gotten fixed by themselves:

lot of issues in the tracker that are simply no longer relevant, or may have been addressed in a previous release…

I would like to print this out and make a poster out of it.

This article is as precious as the Steve Ballmer quote on the iPhone when it was first released!




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