Why you should not let your guard down about the Coronavirus yet

4 min readJun 20, 2020
Show some respect for the dying and the medical profession, by wearing a mask and social distancing.

The Coronavirus does not know about politics, but it is clear that the issue has been politicized. So, there is a lot of conflicting news out there because there are a lot of people in the Govt out there saying that Coronavirus is not an issue anymore.

This has really become a problem because people are not even wearing face masks, in-spite of so many people dying on a daily basis. I even saw a youtube video of a young person saying that even though he knows people who have died of COVID-19, he will not wear a mask when going out with friends in Arizona.

The death count is almost half a million right now. And the US has crossed deaths of 121k already.

All I can say is that — show some respect people, to the thousands of people who have died so far, others who are struggling and the medical profession which is struggling all over the world to treat patients. People are dying in hospitals in India because the senior doctors have abandoned the hospitals (partly because of lack of PPE and other equipment) — show respect to the doctors and the nurses in the USA who could do the same, but come day in — day out, and are even dying to take care of the patients.

If you get sick with the virus, you may recover — but what about the people around you who may die because they got it from you? Do you want to be responsible for their deaths?

Hopefully this article helps in decision making when everyone has different view points and confusing news reports.

These charts look better on the phone — you can see it from Safari browser for Google on the iPhone:

  • On the phone it also shows you the numbers increased since yesterday.
  • I have found that very useful because it shows for example 23k people were confirmed just yesterday, with 742 deaths.
  • When you look at these daily changes for a state, it makes it…

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